SoftwareUpdateAutomation.exe Scheduled Task Fails with an 0x1 Error Message When Updating FEP 2010 Definition Package


When using the SoftwareUpdateAutomation.exe file as a scheduled task to update the Forefront Endpoint Protection definition files, the scheduled task may fail with an error code of 0x1. In the %programdata%\SoftwareUpdateAutomation.log file may see the following error:

SQLMessage = “[22018][245][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘APSB10-22’ to data type int.”;


This happens when SCUP is used to import third party updates. These updates sometimes include dashes as part of the articleID column in the database.


In the command line arguments for the SoftwareUpdateAutomation.exe scheduled task, use single quotes around the articleID. For example, use the following:

/AssignmentName <deployment name> /PackageName <deployment package> /RefreshDP /UpdateFilter “articleid=’2461484′ AND IsSuperseded=0 AND IsEnabled=1 AND IsExpired=0”