3 Responses to A Simple Tip to Test Software Installation Using the Local System Account

  1. Yeah, I’ve been doing this for quite a while — generally suggest it to people to avoid wasting their time testing packages through SCCM. In most cases, testing silent command lines under a standard user account is fine, but this takes it one step further. Good article.

    Trevor Sullivan

  2. Mark says:

    I put PsExec in the Program Files (x86) folder and created a desktop shortcut on my test machine with the following target (sub in domain/admin account as needed):

    C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:[domain]\[admin account] “c:\program files (x86)\psexec -si cmd.exe”

    The normal account I use on the test machine doesn’t have admin privs, so this speeds up the process by a decent amount.

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