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How to Turn Off Compression in Configuration Manager 2007 Software Distribution

This is a question I’ve been asked a few times. By default, SMS and ConfigMgr both compress package content into a PCK file to distribute the content to child sites. The problem you might run into with Operating System Deployment … Continue reading

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Have ConfigMgr Client Health Problems? Check out the ConfigMgr Client Health and Remediation Services Offering!

Normally I don’t try and sell things on my blog here, however there’s a new service offering that I think many that come across this blog will be highly interested in. I know when I worked as a customer before … Continue reading

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Fix for Accessing Windows Vista and Windows 7 Administrative Shares (C$, Admin$, etc) – Client Push

This post isn’t exactly just a Configuration Manager fix for Client Push, however it will help anyone who is trying to connect to an administrative share on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine that is having problems with “Access … Continue reading

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Primary Site Installation Greyed Out in SCCM 2007 SP2 installation?

Had an annoying issue today where the customer and I tried to install a primary server but kept getting stuck with the option to install a primary server greyed out. Turns out we were using the SP2 upgrade media that … Continue reading

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Location of SMSTS.log when using Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment

For those using OSD to image, the smsts.log is a valuable log file to help in troubleshooting installation issues of your Windows images. The smsts.log file, however, moves around depending on what phase of the installation you are in. Below … Continue reading

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Ports Required to Join a Windows Domain – Managing Windows Machines in a DMZ with SCCM

For those looking for the ports you need open, this is what I use for a Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 DC. LDAP TCP-in – 389 LDAP UDP in – 389 LDAP for Global Catalog TCP in – 3268 … Continue reading

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System Center Configuration Manager R3 Released!

Today Microsoft released SCCM 2007 R3! Instead of going into a long blog post about all the exciting new features R3 has, I’d like to refer to an EXCELLENT run down of all the features by a co-worker of mine, … Continue reading

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SCCM: Collection Query to Find Machines Discovered via AD System Discovery in the last day without latest SCCM Client

In the final days I have with my current employer, I’ve been doing some client cleanup. As you may know, Active Directory System Discovery can make a mess out of your SCCM environment if AD isn’t kept clean. We have … Continue reading

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SCCM SCUP: How to Install Adobe Flash Player

With the new release of Flash Player 10.1 I’ve noticed in our environment that we were unable to install the Active X component for IE systems using the provided MSI file with SCUP. I’ve read in a few places that … Continue reading

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MS10-041 KB979909 .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and for the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000, for Windows Server 2003, and for Windows XP Fails to Install

Sorry for the long title. This past Tuesday Microsoft released a slew of new security patches. I won’t go into detail about all of them, but suffice it to say we’re seeing KB979909 become a pretty hairy thorn in our … Continue reading

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