Have ConfigMgr Client Health Problems? Check out the ConfigMgr Client Health and Remediation Services Offering!

Normally I don’t try and sell things on my blog here, however there’s a new service offering that I think many that come across this blog will be highly interested in. I know when I worked as a customer before coming to Microsoft I had to deal with Client Health issues (Client health was actually my full time job for nearly a year) and I would have loved a service like this.

Sometime in September, the ConfigMgr Client Health and Remediation Service offered by the Premier Field Engineering (PFE) group (the group I am apart of at Microsoft) will be made available to all Premier customers. This offering will have an engineer come on site and install our client health solution and offer training on how to utilize it. We will then setup a separate engagement a couple of weeks later to work on remediation (this will allow time for the clients to report back their health state).

If you’ve ever had a CMRAP done on your environment, this is an excellent complement to that offering as the RAP will look at the risk and health of the server environment, however it won’t go into detail about the health of your clients. There’s no requirement that a RAP be done on your environment to leverage our Client Health and Remediation Service, however to get a good idea how things are going, doing both is highly recommended.

If you’re interested in having a Microsoft PFE come on site to look at the health of your SCCM clients, please leave a comment on this post, or send me an email at richbal a.t. Microsoft.com. You can also work with your Technical Account Manager (TAM), however since this offering is relatively new, they may or may not be aware of it.

For more information on the offering, please see Chris Sugdinis’ blog post.

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