SCCM SCUP: How to Install Adobe Flash Player

With the new release of Flash Player 10.1 I’ve noticed in our environment that we were unable to install the Active X component for IE systems using the provided MSI file with SCUP. I’ve read in a few places that it’s best to utilize the .exe instead of the .msi that is provided by Adobe. So this evening I decided to do so.

Adobe has changed its command lines for flash 10.1 this go round. Originally I was using /s for a silent install but I noticed in Taskmgr that the .exe was sitting under the SYSTEM context doing nothing.

Appdeploy has an entry for Adobe Flash 10.1 that recommends to use -install for a silent install with the .exe form of installation. Once I added the -install switch, things worked just fine.

Now to figure out whether the mms.cfg file works still.

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